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How Each Show is Chosen and Produced

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It all starts with the Rossland Light Opera Annual General Meeting held in the Spring. An Executive is elected and ideas for the next production are bandied about. During the Spring and Summer, candidate production teams form, do their research, and submit show proposals. The executive selects one of the proposals and appoints the production team, whereupon performance rights and materials are secured.

A “Read-Through” is held in September, where the screenplay is introduced, then during the next week auditions for Chorus and Principal roles are conducted. Chorus and Principal rehearsals usually begin about mid-October and continue weekly throughout the winter.

Rossland Light Opera’s annual main stage show is traditionally performed in Rossland, Trail and Nelson on three consecutive weekends beginning in mid-February.

Substancial financial resources and a great deal of time and effort are needed to produce the annual show. There are probably as many behind-the-scenes people as there are actors required–for a large production that could mean nearly 100 people! Fortunately, each year sees the return of many dedicated alumni, and the appearance of several new faces. As we are a volunteer organization, no member is paid for any part of the production.

It’s a recipe for delight: First, make elaborate costumes, build sets, create props, develop lighting and sound effects, and plan the scene change procedures; next add the cast who have mastered the songs, dialogue and choreography; then wrap it up in sensational music from the orchestra and you have a theatrical experience which is both marvellous and impressive.