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1970 – Guys and Dolls

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Premiering  on Broadway (http://en NULL.wikipedia in 1950, Guys and Dolls is a musical with music and lyrics by Frank Loesser (http://en NULL.wikipedia and book by Jo Swerling (http://en NULL.wikipedia and Abe Burrows (http://en NULL.wikipedia

Desperate to find money to pay for his floating crap game, Nathan Detroit (http://en NULL.wikipedia bets Sky Masterson a thousand dollars that Sky will not be able to take a local Salvation Army (http://en NULL.wikipedia girl, Sarah Brown, to Cuba (http://en NULL.wikipedia While Sky eventually is able to convince Sarah to join him, Nathan battles with his fiancé of fourteen years, Adelaide. Meanwhile in Cuba, Sky ends up falling in love with Sarah and tries to reform his gambling (http://en NULL.wikipedia ways. When he returns back to New York, he bets all the members of the floating crap game that if he wins his roll of the dice, they will all have to go to church and repent. If he loses, he will give them each a thousand dollars. He ends up winning and all the gamblers end up visiting the mission and repenting their sins.

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Other Performances

RLOP also performed Guys and Dolls in 1991.

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