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1999 – Finian’s Rainbow

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Finian's Rainbow (http://www null@null N02/4645015923)
Image by UMTAD (http://www null@null N02/4645015923) via Flickr


Premiering on Broadway (http://en NULL.wikipedia in 1947, Finian’s Rainbow (http://en NULL.wikipedia is a musical with a book by E.Y. Harburg (http://en NULL.wikipedia and Fred Saidy (http://en NULL.wikipedia, lyrics by Harburg, and music by Burton Lane (http://en NULL.wikipedia

Finian moves to the USA from Ireland with his daughter Sharon, to bury a stolen pot of gold near Fort Knox, in the mistaken belief that it will grow and make him wealthy. A leprechaun follows them, desperate to recover his treasure before the loss of it turns him permanently human. Complications arise when a bigoted and corrupt U.S. Senator gets involved, and when wishes are made inadvertently over the hidden crock.

Production Team:

  • Producer:
  • Stage Director:
  • Technical Director:
  • Music Director:
  • Sound Technician:

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